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We have Mastercraft wakeboard boat and a Newport 30 sailboat which we work hard to keep looking nice. More often than not we hear people say our boats look newer than they really are. Maintenance is very important, we’ve made money selling boats, incredible but true… Our newer wakeboard boat has only been buffed out once but the sailboat we can only guess at. The previous owner didn’t maintain her very well but did have the yard buff her out just before we bought her.

Keeping up the gel coat is a constant chore and something I’ve noticed about the new boats is the dark colors they come in. Don’t get me wrong…they’re HOT!

Chances are they’re also going to be a lot of work! If you’ve never had a hull to keep up, especially a dark one, you don’t know what I’m talking about. The “Karate Kid” wax on/wax off is truly a boating mantra. It’s hard to keep them up. Oxidation works on the gel coat and before long you’ve got dull, chalky, lifeless and UGLY boat.

A member of my ‘yacht club’ is selling their boat (yeah, ok…I know what you’re thinking. It’s a working persons club.). They too have a Newport 30 which is a tad bit older than ours. They scrubbed her up prior to putting her on the market so as to make the most money possible. The hull was oxidized quite a bit and since these boats require a boat-lift to remove them from the water, it can be very difficult to work on waxing the hull.

They used a product I’d read about in Practical Sailor. (If you’ve never read this publication than you should know it’s a boaters, ‘Consumers Report’). It’s called “Poly-Glo” and the results were amazing! The next time I have to do the hull, I’m using this product!



You rinse off the boat, apply the ‘Poly Prep’ a cleaner that removes the oxidation and rinse it off. Working in small sections until the entire hull has been cleaned. You then dry it off or if the weather’s warm let it dry. Then go around and look to see if you’ve missed any spots. If you did, then clean those areas.



Once you’ve a clean boat, you apply the ‘Poly Glo’ in long lines moving in one direction. The first two coats will look pretty bad but four or five coats and it looks amazing. It needs to dry between coats and if you’ve warm weather it can dry in less than a minute. There’s no rubbing or buffing and it can last up to a year.



Would you like to see a demo? Here’s the web site: http://www.poliglow-int.com


Sailboats and power boats are a labor of love and I think Poly Glo makes maintenance much easier.  You’ve quite a bit of cash invested in your boat so for the best return when you sell, keep her up.

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