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Hadley’s Landing is on the Multnomah Channel of Sauvie Island on the Columbia River. 

My family and I spent the long weekend there. We came from up the Columbia River and had an easy trip down. The swing railroad bridge opened quickly after one long blast and one short blast from our horn. The return trip took a bit longer to open, as we had to wait for a couple of trains. I’ve talked with others who’ve had to wait up to 30 minutes but we only waited about ten.

The Willamette River enters the Columbia at Kelley Point. A long wing dam extends outward from Kelley Point, its outer end marked by a junction light and a prominent red and green marker.  Caution Area: The confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers is a busy marine intersection with boats, tugs, barges and ships moving up and down the rivers. Use caution when traveling this area. You’ll be amazed how quickly those huge barges move!

The channel is nice and wide although there are several 5 MPH ‘no wake’ zones. The floating home community is very picturesque all along the channel. There are a couple of boat ramps on the island itself and five or six on the other side of the channel. Plus if you’re looking for a moorage there are several places with live-aboard facilities as well as plenty of transient docks.

Hadley’s Landing has a very nice wood dock with lots of space for tie up. It’s a pretty rustic location in that there is no water or power available and more importantly, there is no toilet facilities. There are pump out facilities in the general area but if your boat isn’t equipped with a potty then you should continue on to Coon Island. Sauvie Island is the largest of the Columbia River Islands. Savuie was the name of a French-Canadian employee of the Hudson’s Bay Company who worked on a dairy farm on the island in the 1830’s. (Ok, you wanted a tid-bit of history…right?)

There is a wonderful path for a leisurely stroll. I walked the dog for about 2 miles meeting only a couple of people and this on a major holiday weekend! I have to say it was probably the most enjoyable walk I’ve taken in quite some time. The birds were out in force and singing their little hearts out, even the shrill call of a hunting hawk didn’t quiet their revelry. A couple of cute bunnies bounded past in search of a hidey-hole although the unexpected and fast slither of a garden snake made me jump. The wild roses were blooming and I was lured by the heady scent. Then too I realized there were many wild blackberry bushes that would later in the summer offer juicy treats.

While Sauvie Island is accessible by car and many fishermen come to try their luck, I found the trip by boat to be pleasant. For some reason the Multnomah Channel always makes me think of Huckleberry Finn stories.  If you’re looking for a nice spot to tie up your boat for the weekend Hadley’s Landing could prove to be what you’re looking for.

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